Friday, June 03, 2005

First by-line(s) ~ Toronto Star

Foreign aid right from the heart
Jun. 3, 2005. 06:25 AM

Having a tough time paying the rent and supporting your immediate family? Meet Michael Laidley. The 20-year-old chef supports his brother, sister and visually impaired mother — and manages to send close to $6,000 to relatives in Trinidad about every six months. Sikander Ziad Hashmi reports. [Full Story]

'Muslim-style' meals won't fly
Jun. 3, 2005. 06:36 AM

Like other devout Muslims, Imtiyaz Khatri — a Toronto businessman and frequent flyer — doesn't consume meat unless it's from ritually slaughtered animals. But he is getting mixed messages from Air Canada on whether the airline's meals meet strict Islamic dietary requirements and are 'halal'. [Full Story]

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Somehow, they both ended up on page A1 on the same day...